Xpress Mail-in Repairs

Xpress Mail-in Repairs

    Xpress Mail-in Repairs

    Steps to get your phone repaired easily:

    1. Fill out the online
    booking form.

    2. Check your e-mail
    for booking confirmation.

    3. Print out the confirmation e-mail and POST it all
    together with the phone to the store address as
    provided in the e-mail.

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    Locations We Cover

    The Cellular Clinic repair service operates in 10 locations across Western Pennsylvania, reaching more than 90% of the Western Pennsylvania Population.
    Penn Hills
    East Librerty
    East Hills
    Homewood North

    Xpress Mail-in Repairs

      Everything you need to know about Express Mail-In Repair Services at Xtreme Communications

      Love technology? Living in a fast-paced and digital era, we all absolutely dread to imagine a day without a phone, even if it is for sending in your beloved phone for a repair to fix minor issues. From shopping, scrolling through social media, watching a movie, ordering food, connecting with friends, sending those work emails to the extent of operating house gadgets – our cell-phone-as-a lifeline is the perfect way to put it. It is a mini-world that we carry with us.
      Screens being the most fragile part, dead battery or speakers not working at their best volume, these are some of the most common issues encountered with the customers sending their phones for repairs. Giving away a phone for a few hours or days to fix these issues prove to be a nightmare for many of us as we just cannot imagine losing all those playlists, pictures, documents and contacts.
      If you want to avoid the hassle and stress of repairing your broken phone, you have to seek professional help. Xtreme expert mail-in mobile repair’s goal is to streamline phone repairs and make it as easy as possible for you to get on with your schedule without making them too hard on your pocket.
      With our presence in over 12 prime locations in Australia, we have a guaranteed track record of providing the best and most reliable repair services, giving our customers the comfort, knowing their smartphone is in safe hands.

      How does the Express Mail-in repair work?

      From broken camera to glass, from unresponsive screen, accidental falls to water aftermath, Xtreme has got you covered with quality mobile and tablet repairs. We have a streamlined process and can ensure that your experience is smooth and worth it.
      The process is straightforward; just follow the steps below!
      • Step 1: Fill out the online booking form with basic details about the brand and the issue you are facing on the website here. 
      • Step 2: We will send you an email with the booking confirmations on the id that you provided in the online form in step 1. 
      • Step 3: Take a print of the confirmation email and send it across with the phone on the address details mentioned on the mail. 
      A few important points to keep in mind:

      What Device Can Be Repaired by Express Mail-in service?

      A damaged device repair can be costly, depending on which mobile part needs repair. For instance, XtremeOnline offers easy screen fixes and replacements at reasonable prices that are very less than the rates of new Smartphones. The repair services are also extremely quick, as we understand the emotional value we all have attached to our smartphones. Xtreme Communications would surely help make your smartphone run as it should in the long run. Based on the technology from which it is made, parts needed to be repaired, device brand, model, year of manufacturing, the charges may vary. We can one-hundred percent ensure that we provide you with the most reliable services that will save you time, effort, and at the most competitive price in the market.

      How much is the Mail-in repair cost?

      Our team of experts use only reliable and high-quality parts to make your smartphone look as new as ever. Hence, we are very confident with our team handling the various repair issues on all kinds of brands and offer a six months warranty on parts and labour of repairs done by our team. This applies to all completed and paid for repairs.

      How much warranty does Express Mail-in repair offer?

      Xtreme technicians are trained to repair phones of all makes and models. Be it Apple repair, oppo, sony or Samsung phone repair, we have it all for you. Our dedicated team of technicians offer mobile repair and phone screen repair in just no time. It serves its customers with the best in the industry at the most competitive prices. Xtreme highly trained professionals conduct repairs and use only quality parts. With the highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals at Xtreme, Your phone screen repair is just a few steps away! It’s vital to hire a trusted phone repair company, such as Xtreme to ensure that real experts handle serious phone problems.

      Trusted & Certified Technicians

      Our repair centres are well-equipped in terms of skilled manpower and tools required to perform a repair task on any smartphone. Our certified experts go through an extensive training program and can easily carry out most of the phone repairs in all the latest smartphone brands. We are confident in the quality of services we offer that we back every mobile repair with a 6 months warranty. We deliver transparent, reliable and professional mobile repair services. The best part is, our technicians complete most of the repairs instantly. Our services save you time, stress, and money.